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Fatherhood Magazine(Image)

$ 1.00

Travel to your local news stand or book store. What do you see in the men’s section? Usually it’s sports, cars, fishing and nudity magazines. Fatherhood is not represented in any way. Wouldn’t it be great if we had our own magazine? Now we do! The Father’s Time Magazine is a printed and digital monthly publication created exclusively for fathers. It’s a resource and reference periodical that covers past and recent topics from a father’s perspective. The magazine is based on the 10 Life Values, addressing issues every father needs to know to handle the complex world of fatherhood. The magazine covers light-hearted and mature subject matter with a focus on helping fathers, the children of fathers, and the father-child relationship. Finally, each month we can sit back in our most comfortable chair in the living room, on the porch or at the beach and read our magazine filled with attention-grabbing articles written to us and about us.

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