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The Fatherhood Journal(Image)

$ 1.00

The Fatherhood Journal is one of the most important books a dad can possess. This yearly journal helps dads keep track of their child and manage the day-to-day demands of fatherhood. Simply jot down information about your child’s education, dental and medical history, special interests, social challenges and much more. You can carry this journal with you anywhere and review it anytime. The Fatherhood Journal keeps you well organized with important information available at a moments notice. The calendar section helps you stay on track and coordinate your busy schedule with your child’s life. The education section helps you remember everything you need to know about about your child’s education including the principal and teacher’s name, your child’s grades and their favorite subjects. There are many challenges facing fathers today such as a busier life, an increase of negative social values and peer pressure. This Journal helps every dad maximize his time. Whether you’re a father looking for the latest solution to enhance your fatherhood skills, or you’re a dad struggling with fatherhood and attempting to change your situation, this Journal will bridge the gap between you and your child instantly. With the Fatherhood Journal, dads create stronger relationships and consistent involvement with their child

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