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The Fatherhood Academy(Image)

$ 1.00

The Fatherhood Academy celebrates fathers and restores the joys of fatherhood. The Academy helps fathers manage the roles and relationships of fatherhood. Through our unique curriculum, we provide the tools and process necessary for fathers to strive for and maintain a consistent level of excellence in fatherhood.By the end of our course, fathers experience a new and revolutionary way to father. Fathers will be able to reinforce and/or gain a better understanding of their relationship with their father, assess themselves in the most important areas of their life, create a fatherhood visionary plan, build a long-lasting bond with their children and engage with other fathers for accountability and support.The Fatherhood Academy elevates fathers to their rightful standing by acknowledging their worth, influence and importance. This course was designed to help fathers overcome the everyday challenges of balancing themselves, their family and the lives of their children.

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