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Fatherhood Legacy(Image)

$ 1.00

What’s Your Legacy? Fatherhood Legacy was the first product created by Father’s Time. Father’s Time celebrates fathers and endeavors to put the joy into fatherhood while creating a standard of excellence to strive for throughout the journey. Fatherhood Legacy can bridge several generations. A father could give the book to his children to allow them to get to know him better while creating a long-lasting bond. However, it could also be given to grandfathers to record memories while they are alive and well. Fatherhood Legacy honors fathers through words, memories, personal writings and cherished photos. It’s an opportunity to share your values, vision and accomplishments so others can duplicate them, or explain mistakes so others can avoid them. We want to help fathers tell their story in an exceptional way. The 100 thought-provoking questions in Fatherhood Legacy will “open the door” to more engaging conversations with your child. It’s a great way to begin a legacy or continue a tradition that will last for generations. Fatherhood Legacy will help you document your history and see your life as a father more clearly. The questions and concepts in Fatherhood Legacy are interwoven throughout the Fatherhood Academy. They are incorporated into every lesson to help fathers collect their thoughts before completing the Fatherhood Legacy book.

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