About us

About us

Father’s Time was developed from the vision of President & CEO, Mr Spencer Holman. His Vision, which became the Vision of Father’s Time, is to see all men, from every community, equipped with the necessary and appropriate tools to be an excellent father.

The Mission of Father’s Time, with the help of the community, and other stakeholders, is to end physical and emotional fatherlessness by providing the best tools and processes to help father's, the father-child relationship and children in the areas of Spirituality, Health, Family, Appearance, Dwelling, Mobility, Education, Profession, Leisure and Wealth.

The Goal of Father’s Time is to address the barriers, obstacles and root causes of physical and emotional fatherlessness and eliminate those conditions through a range of well-designed products and services. The Objective of Father’s Time is to positively impact communities, schools, families, father's, and children by helping men strive toward fatherhood excellence so they can successfully lead their families and communities.

He believes a father whose life is principle based, will contribute to his family’s success. As a result, he created “Life Values;” a value system father's can use to lead and influence their family on their fatherhood journey.

Father’s Time became a California corporation in 1998. We conducted a 5 year study on the complex world of fatherhood between 1995 and 2000. In 2001, we developed the 10 Life Values to address the foundational and essential needs of men and their children. Over the next few years we developed many products including the first fatherhood mobile app on an iOS device. By 2009, we had developed over 19 exclusive fatherhood products and services based on the 10 Life Values. Our products have merged and metamorphosized into the 5 products we deliver today:

  • Fatherhood Legacy
  • The Fatherhood Academy
  • The Fatherhood Journal
  • Father’s Time Magazine
  • Fatherhood Platform

We believe it takes a parental coalition of a mother and a father to develop a strong foundation for a child’s success. Many organizations have effectively helped mothers who are in need, however, father's are often overlooked, leaving them without the necessary tools and skills to be successful. Our products and services address the needs of the often forgotten parent.

The Fatherhood Journey

Imagine a world where all men are exemplifying what it truly means to be a father. Men happily living up to their divine roles for their children and family, and providing generational impact. Father's up-to- date with the changing times and prepared to handle any obstacle that comes their way. Having a father that models good behavior and teaches positive values provides the foundation for future father's. Without such influence, it can be nearly impossible to become a great father. Men that fear fatherhood, father's that are struggling with fatherhood and really good father's have one thing in common; they love their children and they can benefit from ways to take their fatherhood to the next level. This enormous need is not being satisfactorily addressed anywhere. Until now. Every father’s journey is different. There are married, divorced, single and widowed father's. There are incarcerated, military and teenage father's. There are young boys who have the responsibility of nurturing siblings or other family members. There are grandfather's, uncles, brothers, friends and mentors fulfilling the role of dad on a full or part-time basis. Our purpose is to help all of these father's. Whether you are new to fatherhood or a seasoned veteran, we will help you on your fatherhood journey.

Life Values

There are positive values, negative values and there are “Life Values.“ Values are the foundation of any society. We use them to create civilized, progressive communities which then develop the rules and regulations that all citizens must collectively live by. Politicians communicate the values they hold, educators try to instill values in their students. Travelers experience the values of different cultures, and generally, people get along far better when they share the same values. Values exert a powerful force on social and political decisions, moral judgment, and self-regulation.

The Purpose Behind Life Values

Life Values are an inclusive collection, and interrelated system of the 10 most important areas of a father’s life. They are the foundational components father's use to create their Visionary Plans and they help dads strive for fatherhood excellence and fulfill their leadership role for their Family